The island of Rhodes is the meeting point of three continents, Europe, Asia and Africa and connects the West with the East. This was the reason why accepted influences from many different cultures. The island was inhabited since Neolithic Age and its first inhabitants considered being Kares, Foinikes and Minoans. After them, Mycenaeans Achaeans followed, who brought prosperity to the island and then the Dorians, who founded the three major cities. In 408 BC the three major cities Ialyssos, Kamiros and Lindos, founded the city of Rhodes.

When someone wanders at Rhodes will feel the power of culture and history that the island hosts..Each path hides a little bit of the history of Rhodes
Rhodes combines mountain and sea, making it an ideal destination for every season. The unique natural landscape complement the unique natural beauty of the area.
The imposing monasteries, churches with a long history, and the countless picturesque chapels in the hills of Rhodes have always been a magnet for thousands of tourists.
Rhodes is an island full of castles and towers. It is no coincidence that it has been declared by UNESCO as "World Heritage City". It has three ancient cities, a medieval town...
Rhodes, the island of the God of Sun, is konwn as the crossroad of civilizations in ancient history, as it combines everything. Holidays on the island of Rhodes doesn not mean...
The monuments that adorn the city of Rhodes are evidence of its long history. If the past attracts you and the unique architecture of the old town do not forget to tour the monuments.