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Soroni is a small village, located 24 km from the city of Rhodes. It took its name from the forest of "oak" that existed in the region.

Soron means forest oaks and oaks area. It is considered an ideal place for those seeking tranquility and relaxation. Main activity of the inhabitants is agriculture and animal husbandry, as the village offers lush vegetation and fertile soil. However, in recent years has developed its tourist infrastructure and it has evolved into a tourist resort.

Besides, it is built close to the sea and the long beach of Soroni is a pole of attraction for visitors.
Beyond the beach has countless natural attractions and important historical monuments such as the ancient Kamiros and historic monasteries as the Monastery of Agios Soula, which is very close to the village. 

People believe that the water that flows into the cave of the monastery has healing properties. Also, there you meet sports facilities (soccer field, basketball, tennis), park road safety and a rudimentary race course. There is also a deer park.

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