The Grand Master's Palace

The Grand Master's Palace is perhaps the most important monument of the Knights. Located in the northwestern part of the medieval city of Rhodes at the highest point of the castle.

According to the Ministry of Culture during the Italian restoration, in 1930, the building received its present configuration. In the halls of the first floor, visitors can admire the mosaics carried over from the Italians, mainly from secular and ecclesiastical buildings of Kos, in order to decorate the Palace. Apart from the impressive mosaics, there are also columns and capitals, furniture Medieval, mirrors, paintings, candlesticks and other items that complement the decor of the imposing edifice.

In part of the ground floor of the Palace, in successive halls, takes part the permanent exhibition of 4 DAC entitled "Rhodes from early Christian times until its conquest by the Turks (1522)." This includes various finds from excavations conducted in the Medieval City (ceramics, sculptures, frescoes, icons, miniatures, etc.)

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