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Rhodes is rightfully considered one of the top tourist destinations. An island where one can "swim" through the history and in the beautiful beaches. There are several places to enjoy both the nightlife and sightseeing, as well as to explore villages, romantic castles and ancient ruins.

There are many reasons to choose the island of Rhodes for your vacations:

1. Attractions
Rhodes has many attractions and rich history. Some Must to see in the island are:

-Visit The Old City: A World Heritage Site and the largest surviving medieval city.

- Castle of the Knights and the Archaeological Museum: Walk through the cobblestone streets and the Street of the Knights. Explore museums, historic streets and buildings.

You can go even further back in time by visiting the remains of one of the ancient cities of Rhodes, the acropolis of Ialysos, the hill of Filerimos, Kamiros and more.. 
Do not miss the thermal springs of Kallithea and the Valley of the Butterflies.
On the western side of the island there are many picturesque villages.

Beaches and activities:
-It's famous For its crystal waters and beautiful beaches for all tastes and sports. There are many holiday resorts and most gathered in the north west of the island. On the north east side of the majority of tourist package holiday is gathered in Faliraki and other resorts further south. Rhodes has many options for adults and children. There are many water sports, as well as tennis, golf and horse riding.

-Beuatiful Squares and rich market in Mandraki. Visit Hippocrates Square with its beautiful fountain, and Square of Jewish Martyrs. At the new city will find modern shops of all kinds, trendy cafes and bars, banks etc.

Nightlife and entertainment:
- Rhodes combines nightlife with its cosmopolitan atmosphere. In the new town there are many bars and restaurants, internet cafes and of course the famous Rhodes Casino. In some Greek and foreign restaurants, you'll find live music. Try also the local Greek cuisine

- Offers variety of alternative forms of tourism: Marine, religious, athletic, medical etc.
- Excursions to nearby islands: Many boats offer day trips to Turkey, Symi and Tilos and others offer day trips to Lindos and Kallithea.

Of course we can not say that Rhodes runs out at these points. There are so many options on the island before you can say "I'm bored'. Travelling to the island of Rhodes, you are traveling in history and time while enjoying the modern elements ..!

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