The lush vegetation, picturesque villages, deserted churches and mild terrain, make hiking in Rhodes extremely interesting, since they give you the opportunity for many hiking trails .. Old paths, rare Byzantine and Venetian buildings, "secret" lakes and rivers, shady pine forests and beautiful valleys.

The routes are many, both on the south side and the north side of the island. Some hiking clubs are organizing some marches to the higher one, in the mountains. We turn to Archipoli and Eleousa or Dymilia and Salako, villages in the north of the Prophet Elias. The road makes a circle around them, passing by beautiful villages and climbes higher and higher under the main peak in the region of Elafos. Generally in this region of Eleousa up o Elafos you can find many small but beautiful walks on trails and forest roads offered for bicycle too.

Equally interesting is the route to Attaviros (1215 m.). Frm Prophet Elias, the village Salako and beach from Kritinia we move to the village Embonas. Above the village, Attaviros rises, the highest mountain of Rhodes.
From Emponas to Sianna ahead stands the impressive ridge Akramytis.

There are many others secret paths that hide many small paradises.

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