Museum of Apiculture and of Natural History of the Bee

The Bee Museum was founded by the people of Melissokomiki Dodecanese, to share with you the love and passion for beekeeping place.

The Natural History Museum of the Bee in Rhodes is located in the 5th kilometer of Highway Tsairi- Airport just outside of Pastida in Rhodes.

Get to know the wonderful world of bees. The unique three-dimensional roof of the Museum drifts on a journey inside a cell where you can watch the entire production process of honey from the bee in your table. Follow the path of the development of beekeeping, from prehistoric times until today.

The museum accommodates the premises of organized or individual visits and field trips offering the following:

Series of exhibits on beekeeping from old-time (up to 200 years ago) to modern.
Presentation of old and modern beekeeping methods. (Eg. Cell manipulation, representation honey extractors, bee produce other products such as wax, pollen, royal jelly, propolis, etc.)
Experimental observation blisters (transparent) safely where one can see the life of the bees inside their own home.
Information on the life of the bee and its products using media. (VIDEO-PROJECTOR-CINEMA, DVD, cd -rom etc.)
Collection of old tools of farmers and beekeepers.
Tour of the operating rooms of modern honey packaging line (upon request).
Analysis of the physical characteristics of honey and other goods bee in laboratory quality control unit.
Outside Bee garden with beekeeping flora.
Large indoor and outdoor areas with refreshment for the comfortable stay of visitors.
Possibility of buying natural bee products, essential for healthy human.

Working hours:
Monday to Saturday 08: 30-17: 00
Sunday, the 10th: 00-15: 00 (June-September)

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