• ALTITUDE: 46m.

Apolakkia is a small village, situated near to Lindos and 92 km from Rhodes. The village is built on the plain of Apolakkia and looks like it is in the ditch. From there derives its name, which means pit.

Apolakkia is an attraction for those who wish excursion in nature, since there you meet a beautiful lake, taht forms a wetland and attracts wild birds. The dam is also ideal for sailing. Apart from the lake village offers a beach, 20 km long. with crystal clear water.

You must visit the post-Byzantine church of Agios Georgios Vardas. In Apolakkia is also the Monastery of Panagia Skiadi with the miraculous image of the Virgin. In the village square is an old Italian building, typical of Italian architecture that operates as the Cultural Center.

The accommodation and the facilities in the area are enough, especially in various villages of the hinterland which are very close to the sea. Many visitors also prefer Apoklakkia for hiking.

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